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Registration Required For Students



Non-refundable registration fee of $65 per family is due at the time of registration.

Tuition is based on a Season Course Fee and not by the individual class or weeks. As each month allows for up to 2-5 lessons (considering holiday closings, inclement weather, end of year performance and rehearsals), tuition remains the same for each month. The studio operates on a ten-month dance season, with the season officially beginning in September and ending in late June. There are no makeups unless otherwise indicated. For the convenience of budgeting, tuition is divided into ten (10) MONTHLY INSTALLMENT payments due  before the first class of each month.  No pro-rated months.



Option 1:  One-time Course Fee paid in full by September 30th receives 10% discount. (Visa, MasterCard or Check) If student drops, there is a $50 drop processing fee. The remainder of any pre-paid tuition may be credited (good for 1 year) or refunded.

Option 2:  Automatic Bank Draft or Automatic Credit Card Charge. Payment will be automatically debited from your checking account or charged to your credit card on the 1st day of each month with $5.00 off per month. If student drops, there is a $50 drop processing fee. A two-week notice is required to cancel automatic pay.

Option 3:  Pay at the studio before the first class of each month. A 15% Late Fee will be automatically added to monthly tuition after the first class, no exceptions. If student drops, there is a $50 drop processing fee.


* There is a $40 service charge on returned checks.


For more than 6 classes add $10.00 monthly for each additional class.

* Each class is one (1) hour per week.  No further discounts available.

* Private lessons (based on student’s training, ability and time schedule)

         Solo:  $25 per ½ hour Duet/Trio:  $21 per student per ½ hour

* There is a $40 service charge on checks returned for any reason.


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