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Classes Offered

Tot Tap/Tumbling Combo Classes:  Introduces the fundamentals of tap to the very young.  The child’s creativity, motor skills and confidence are developed while having fun.  The children sing and dance to music designed especially for this age group.

Tap Classes:  (offered from age 5)  Tap is great for rythmic and motor skill development and is effective in stimulating a natural sense of rhythm and beat.

Jazz Classes:  (offered from age 5) This free style of dance involves stretch, isolation and combinations influenced by the contemporary dances and music of today.

African Dance Classes:  (offered from age 4)  Introduces the fundamentals and techniques of traditional West African dance.

Gymnastic Classes:  (offered from age 6)  Based on floor exercise and tumbling.  Develops flexibility, strength and coordination.

Hip Hop Classes:  (offered from age 6)  A dance style danced to hip hop music.

Adult Classes:  offered in tap, jazz and african dance based on enrollment.


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